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At Harding Podiatry we utilise the latest technology in assessing the biomechanics of patients and prescribing premium custom orthotics, custom ankle foot orthotics (AFO) and exercise prescription.

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Sport / Biomechanical Podiatry

Minor Foot Surgery

Musculoskeletal Modalities

Podiatric Prescription Orthoses

Foot orthoses are shoe inserts designed to support, align or improve the function of the foot. They are commonly referred to as ‘orthotics’ and fit comfortably inside your shoes.

Richie Brace

The Richie Brace is a custom ankle brace (ankle foot orthosis) designed to treat chronic conditions of the foot and ankle including drop foot, PTTD, ankle sprains and other causes of foot and ankle pain. They can only be fitted and dispensed by a qualified health care provider.
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Our Podiatrists

Mr Muhammad (Mo) Maarj

BPod, MAPodA, PhD Candidate
Sports Podiatrist

Mr Michael Gumatay


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If you suffer from any of these symptoms you require a thorough bio-mechanical assessment to determine a solution to treat the cause and eliminate the symptoms.
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What Our Pacients
are saying about us

Simone Yakich
Simone Yakich
I would highly recommend Dr Mo. I am very happy with the professionalism and care I have received from him. He was easily and painlessly able to fix (in minutes), what I had been previously told was a planter wart, but was actually just a corn. The orthotics he made up for me to relieve my planter faciitis, are fantastic, in just a few days I am already noticing major relief. Thank you Dr Mo ????.
Jesse Kerlin
Jesse Kerlin
I saw Mo after suffering with with MTP joint pain for around half a year. It only took weeks for him to set me on a path to recovery. Two months later, I am living my life completely normal and pain free. Awesome Job Mo!
Katie Williams
Katie Williams
I had issues with my lower back for years! I had seen physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, doctors & had scans on my back but nothing seemed to fix my issue long term. I even found it hard to walk around Woolies to do my grocery shopping without being in a lot of pain. I felt like I had exhausted every possible option when I thought about seeing a podiatrist. I was incredibly skeptical that anyone or anything was going to help but I didn’t have much to lose. After getting my orthotics & having them for a month now I am walking 5kms a day & no pain!!! Honestly I couldn’t be happier!! So stoked!! Thank you so much to Moe & Harding Podiatry in getting me back to being active!
Jinty Ainsworth
Jinty Ainsworth
I booked to see Mo after becoming frustrated with chronic pain in my feet, that was affecting my running and hiking. He was always professional, empathetic and took the time to explain what was causing the condition. My orthotics arrived within a few weeks, they fit well, and I've gone from inflamed, chronic daily pain to resuming a very active lifestyle, running some of my best times - completely pain-free! It has been life-changing.
Steve Ward
Steve Ward
I was referred to Mo Maarj by Dr. Luke Inman to help with an acute plantar heel pain injury - I’m a long distance trail runner. I was prescribed with custom orthotics and am back to running pain free and building back running volume after only a couple of weeks. Mo was great to deal with and went about diagnosing and correcting my condition with professionalism, insight and expertise. I’d recommend Mo if you’re looking for a specialist sports podiatrist.
Abigail Stott
Abigail Stott
Mo has literally changed my life! I was in incredible pain for 9 months due to arthritis/ hyper mobility and misdiagnosed twice. I was unable to walk very far and was afraid to resume work. Immediately Mo understood what the issue was and within days of wearing my orthitics I am walking pretty much pain free. Just amazed. Thank you, Mo!!!
hanschristopherlotte conradi
hanschristopherlotte conradi
I feel very lucky to have gotten an appointment with Dr Mo Maarj. He immediately recognised the issue that has caused me pain for the last 6 month and His treatment has made a huge difference. I am forever thankful.????????
Peter Whalley
Peter Whalley
Muhammad (Mo) Maarj is all class! I feel like I have a path now with my 045 Football - my way of running was essentially compromising other parts of my body and Mo went through a process to get me Custom Orthotics. A new lease of footballing life - thanks Mo!

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