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Mr Muhammad (Mo) Maarj

BPod MAPodA PhD Candidate
Sports Podiatrist

Mo completed his training through Charles Sturt University Podiatric medicine program. His training involved international placements in Singapore and London.

Mo joined the practice after being recruited by Ray Harding (Now retired), one of the most respected podiatrists in the country and the past president of the Australian Podiatric Association (NSW). Mo holds special interests in sports podiatry, foot and ankle orthosis, and paediatrics.

Mo enjoys working inter-professionally with his colleagues in the Narrabeen Sports Medicine Centre to ensure the utmost care is provided to patients at all times. While working, Mo has embarked on a PhD candidature through Newcastle University focusing on children with hypermobility. He is collaborating with national and international specialists on the topic. Mo also worked closely with the Manly Sea Eagles as their consultant Podiatrist, screening and prescribing custom made orthotics. Mo has been on the frontline of prescribing foot and ankle orthotics such as the Riche Brace in aiding some patients who would have had to have surgical intervention.

Mo lectures to medical and podiatry students about sports podiatry. His talks were at the 2018 Ehlers-Danlos Society Learning Conference Australia, at the Sports and Exercise Medicine Students’ Association (SEMSA) and recently at the 2021 Australian Paediatric Podiatry symposium where he presented on the impact of joint hypermobility syndrome on patients lower limb. Mo also hosts students from Western Sydney University, Charles Sturt University, and Newcastle University for placement throughout the year.

Mo is a keen traveller, having visited over 15 countries. Mo enjoys playing football with the Wakehurst Tigers and once upon a time was able to run 100meters in 11.41 seconds.

Mr Ray Harding

Retired Sports Podiatrist

Ray Harding has been practicing Podiatry in Sydney since 1971. When Biomechanics and Orthotic therapy was introduced from America in 1980 he embarked on a post graduate education program spanning more than 5 years. Learning techniques in managing general foot function to sports and paediatric related problems, Ray was one of the first Podiatrists in Australia to convert his practice to solely biomechanics and orthotic therapy. He is the past President of The Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.

In 1988 Ray was one of the founding partners in the Running Clinic at North Sydney recruiting the services of some of Sydney’s foremost Podiatrists to address the problems caused by the running boom.

In 1993 Ray moved his practice to Narrabeen Sports Medicine Centre to work with some of Australia’s best Sports Physicians, Orthopaedic Specialists and Physiotherapists. He works in collaboration with these other health professionals to bring the highest level of assessment and treatment of lower limb pathology. Treating athletes of all ability, both professional and recreational, Ray also enjoys helping children with growing problems and those associated with sporting activities, not to mention the ageing community with the increasing demand they place on community services in their bid to remain healthy and fit.

Ray employs the latest technology to assess and treat his patients, utilising computerised pressure plate gait assessment, treadmill video gait and track assessments as well as bicycle set up to optimise cycling biomechanics. For orthotic manufacture Ray uses a cad-cam laboratory and a scanning camera instead of old fashioned plaster casts. The orthotics are ground to prescription by a computer controlled drilling gig from a sold piece of plastic. This makes the orthotics super light and thin, but very strong. For football boots and those needing soft orthotics or less control, Ray uses premade Formthotics‚ and EVA shells fashioned by the cad-cam laboratory.

Years ago Ray put together a Recommended Sports Shoe List to help other health professionals and their patients as well as members of the public sort out which sport shoe is best for them from the hundreds on offer in the retail outlets. This list is updated every six months from information provided by the shoe companies and their representatives, retail outlets and feedback from athletes. You can find the list here.

Ray is a Fellow, NSW Trustee and past President of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and a member of Sports Medicine Australia. He attends their conferences on a regular basis. Ray is a Past President of the Australian Podiatry Association NSW and Past President of the NSW Podiatrists Registration Board, a position he held for over fifteen years. He is also one of the founding directors of the Australian Podiatric Biomechanics Association. He has lectured extensively on lower limb biomechanics, assessment and casting techniques and has a regular succession of Podiatry students on clinical placement at Narrabeen.

Ray has played a variety of sports including competition squash and tennis. Unfortunately, following a knee injury from skiing at age 16 and subsequent surgery, Ray is now limited to bushwalking and golf, when time allows and working out in his home gym.

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