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Medial Knee Pain

The Harding Podiatry practice has treated a number of patients with medial knee pain, usually with great success. Many have been referred by orthopaedic surgeons who want their patients to explore conservative therapy to relieve their symptoms before proceeding to surgery. These patients experience pain in the medial compartment of the knee that is caused …

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Lateral ankle instability and associated conditions

Lateral ankle instability is often found with associated conditions such as frequent ankle inversion sprains, peroneal tendonitis and peroneal overuse injury. To understand the nature of this condition, what it is and how and why it occurs, one needs to understand the anatomy and function of the peroneal muscles and tendons. There are three peroneal …

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Patello-femoral pain

Patello-femoral pain (PFP), or Anterior Knee pain is located under, or around the patella (kneecap). This condition often involves inflammation of the joint as well as the patella fat pad. The pain can inhibit contraction of the quadriceps muscles and extension and flexion of the knee, creating instability and reduced mobility. PFP often presents in …

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