Explore the World of Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs) for Drop-Foot

Welcome to our deep dive into the fascinating world of Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO) devices, crucial for managing drop-foot, a common gait impairment. Our journey is guided by a comprehensive article from The Scientific World Journal, 2014, titled “Mechanism and Design Analysis of Articulated Ankle Foot Orthoses for Drop-Foot.” This insightful piece, reviewed with the

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Enhance Your Sports Performance with Root Functional Orthotics

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, understanding the impact of proper foot support is key to unlocking your full potential. Discover how our root functional orthotics, available at Harding Podiatry, can be the game-changer in your athletic routine. These are more than just insoles; they’re an innovation in enhancing sports performance. 1) Boost Your Athletic Efficiency

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Squeaking Orthotics and How to Address It

Have you ever experienced an annoying squeaking sound when walking with your orthotics inside your shoes? It can be an unexpected and embarrassing issue that may leave you wondering if there’s a simple solution. Well, you’re in luck because we have just the remedy for this common problem. The Squeak Dilemma Orthotics are designed to

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Plantar fasciitis: Top Exercises for Recovery

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of plantar heel pain and symptoms are typically sharp in nature first thing in the morning upon standing or being seated for some time and then standing. Part of recovery that can aid in reduction of symptoms and ort prevent recurrence is a combination of high load strength

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Medial Knee Pain

The Harding Podiatry practice has treated a number of patients with medial knee pain, usually with great success. Many have been referred by orthopaedic surgeons who want their patients to explore conservative therapy to relieve their symptoms before proceeding to surgery. These patients experience pain in the medial compartment of the knee that is caused

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