Functional Prescription Orthoses

The functional prescription orthoses used to treat patients in this study are orthopaedic devices that are designed to promote structural integrity of the joints of the foot and lower limb by resisting ground reaction forces that cause abnormal skeletal motion to occur during the stance phase of gait. The design follows the basic principles developed

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1st Metatarsophalangeal Joint Osteoarthritis

After more than 30 years of clinical practice using Biomechanical knowledge, skills and insights into effective orthotic prescription techniques, Ray Harding of Harding Podiatry, will share with you the reason why the practice has an unmatched reputation in this field. What is it, how does it occur and how can this condition be treated? This

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Choosing Soccer Shoes

Our children’s feet are growing and active growth plates begin to cause pain when there is an abnormality in the child’s alignment that results in instability in the lower limb. Having adequate supportive footwear is essential in reducing the chances of injury. Our Sports Podiatrist Mo has teamed up with a local physiotherapist (Rose Marchese)

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How to Prevent Foot Blisters

f you want to get on top of your foot blisters, a podiatrist has 3 pieces of advice: Stop thinking about “heat, moisture, and friction” Always use the words “friction level” instead of just friction Stop using the words “rub” and “rubbing” when you talk and think about blisters Rebecca Rushton is an Australian podiatrist

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Top Five Running Injuries

Running is a great way to both get and stay healthy. However, without proper precautions, foot and ankle injuries can occur. Today’s podiatrists are uniquely qualified to treat running-related foot and ankle injuries due to their expert education, training, and experience. Don’t let an injury stop your running routine in its tracks! Look below for

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